Dreamcatcher Energy Flow – DC841 Assorted


The movement of Energy is featured on this beautiful dreamcatcher. It reflects the scattering of energy being brought together as we strengthen our inner selves. Ultimately the result is the flow of energy throughout our life represented by the feathers gracefully flowing from the gathered energy. As all dreamcatchers do, this one will allow good dreams to pass through while trapping bad ones. Each measures 4″/10 cm in diameter and approximately 10″/25 cm long. Each has semi-precious beads incorporated – choose from among seven different versions. Note that the turquoise and purple hang off centre while the others hang straight.





ITEM: Dream Catcher Energy Flow – DC841

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Blue with Turquoise DC841, Purple with Amethyst DC 842, Brown with Tiger Eye DC845, Tan with Citrine DC844, Black and White with Hematite DC846, Black with Multi DC848, Brown with Multi DC847