Feathered Medicine Shield by Soaring Eagle – 29620


Soaring Eagle handcrafts these shields with her extraordinary featherwork. The Medicine Shield is an ancient tradition. The four points on the shield signify the four compass points, and the four colours of man – black, white, red and yellow. They also represent the four faces of man – spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical. All these aspects are contained within a circle – the circle of life. The white deerskin shield measures:

4″ diameter, 12″ long inc. feathers (10 cm x 30 cm)
6″ diameter, 16″ long inc. feathers (15 cm x 40 cm)
8″ diameter, 22″ long inc. feathers (20 cm x 55 cm)
10″ diameter, 26″ long inc. feathers (25 cm x 65 cm)