Leather and Fur Shawl – Brown Assorted


These shawls are special! They are crafted by Metis artisan Luc Desrosiers, and each is a signed original. Wear over a sweater or jacket – anywhere you need some extra style. Made of leather and various furs, each is fringed, can be tied at front, and measures 56″ all around and 6″ wide plus fringe ( 140 cm x 15 cm).



ITEM: Leather and Fur Shawl – Brown Assorted

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1 Sheared Beaver/Fox/Raccoon, 2 Sheared Beaver/Fox, 3 Sheared Beaver/Fox/Muskrat, 4 Sheared Beaver/Raccoon, 5 Sheared Beaver/Muskrat/Fox, 6 Sheared Beaver/Raccoon, 7 Sheared Beaver/Muskrat/Fox