Porcelain Mugs – Designs by Norval Morrisseau


Although gone since 2007, Morrisseau remains a force on the Canadian art scene – he was once dubbed the ‘Picasso of the North’. His work was the cornerstone of the woodland school of art. These fine porcelain mugs feature some of his iconic images. Each has a 10 ounce/295 ml capacity, is microwave and dishwasher safe, and comes gift boxed.

  1. Moose Harmony
  2. Man Changes into Thunderbird
  3. Woodland Floral
  4. Looking Through Portals
  5. Mother and Child
  6. Floral on Yellow


Porcelain Mugs – Designs by Norval Morrisseau

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Self Portrait, Moose Harmony, Man Changes into Thunderbird, Woodland Floral, Looking Through Portals, Mother and Child, Floral on Yellow, Flowers and Birds