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It’s All About Respect!

There is a lot of discussion in the media and on social media about cultural appropriation – First Nations designs are being stolen and used in a variety of inappropriate ways. I travel a lot and it amazes me to see dream catchers, for example, available as souvenirs everywhere. I’ve seen them in South America, Africa and Asia…and they are always made in China! Why would anybody buy a dream catcher as a souvenir of Africa?? Chinese knock-offs of First Nations’ objects is a troubling issue.

The other troubling issue is the taking indigenous images and decorating various items with them; from clothing to accessories and more. We, at the Wolf Den, are very careful to only carry items that are authentic. This means that we often source our pieces directly from the artists that make them…such as our baskets, jewellery, and carvings. We also source and sell items decorated with indigenous imagery, but we are careful to ensure that the original artist is aware that the image was used, was paid for it, and allows its use. Of course, all of those pieces are made in Canada.

We are very pleased to have a new collection of moccasins, mitts, coin purses & journals decorated with images by the renowned Haida artist, Eric Parnell. We know that Eric collaborated closely on the use of his images and we are proud to showcase his talent!