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Oh Canada…!

I make a point of travelling in Canada as much as possible. I’ve just returned from a trip to Labrador and Quebec and came back with some really great memories…and lots of wonderful new items for the Wolf Den, with more to come. Check out the moccasin section of the website for new styles for babies, women and men. Each of them is a one-of-a-kind original and reflect the traditional techniques and craftsmanship of the Inuit and Innu cultures. We especially love the pleating technique and we know you’ll find the baby booties as adorable as we do!

Sealskin is a controversial material, but we are pleased to support the cultures that use it in a traditional manner, and harvest the animals ethically and legally. The fur is truly beautiful, as well as durable. Perfect for moccasin making! Wool duffle is another traditional material used for moccasin making, and sadly the one producer in Canada will be closing up shop soon. It’s so important to support these producers before we lose even more of them. The same holds true for artists and craftspeople – we hope you’ll agree that Canada is a special place, in large part because of them, and they deserve our appreciation and support.