Dene Credit Card Case -Bead White Flower on Smoked Moosehide


This case is designed to hold credit and debit cards. It is crafted by a Dene artisan in Fort Liard, NWT of traditionally smoked tanned moosehide. The beadwork is gorgeous and it is a one of a kind piece. It measures 4.25″ x 3″ (11 cm x 8 cm).


ITEM: Dene Credit Card Case – Bead White Flower on Smoked Moosehide

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Bead Pattern

Pink and Yellow Flower 1, Blue Flower 2, Pink Flower with Large Yellow Centre 3, Red and Yellow Flower 4, White and Orange Flower 5, Red and White Flower 6, Blue and Yellow Flower 7, Two Tone Blue Flower 8, Red and Yellow Flower 9, White and Pink Flower 10, Pink and Red Flower 11, Blue and Orange Flower 12, Pink and Blue Flower 13


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