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Do You Make All This Stuff?

We get this question just about every day at the Wolf Den. It’s funny because we have about 3,000 different items on hand (you’d never believe it if you saw how small our space is). Obviously, we’d have to be a pretty talented crew to produce moccasins, carvings, jewellery, pottery, baskets, purses and more, ourselves. Only three of us work here!

I’ve always said my talent is recognizing talent in others. I can’t actually make anything myself, but I love finding and connecting with people who do have talent. We actually deal with hundreds of suppliers. Some are companies but many are individual craftspeople and artists.

Everybody who shops at big box and chain stores is used to seeing rows and rows of identical, manufactured items. Most of our items are handmade and I think that’s what is intriguing. Pop in to the Wolf Den, or browse the website. You’ll see what’s so special about items crafted by hand, and will appreciate the talented people who make them – even if it isn’t us!


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  • Rick Bullock says:

    Hi, I’m interested in buying a pair of moccasin slippers. My problem is that I have very wide feet and have trouble getting moccasins to fit. I recently bought a pair ans the twine they used has already broken and they are falling apart, they were not cheap. Do you have wide sizes? I wear a size 13/14. Thx .

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi Rick,

      We have a couple of styles that run wider then others. Have a look at 130M, 180M and 64KBM. They are all available to size 13 and the first two in particular run large. Any online purchases can be exchanged or returned (in new condition) if they don’t work out. Hope this helps!

  • Andrea Woolaver says:

    Hi Doris,

    Your products are lovely and my problem is trying to pick one (I like them all). When you say you get your items from numerous suppliers, are the products all made by 1st Nations people ?
    Also, I am really liking the ankle with fringe styles but have a wide foot so would that style work for me ?
    Best regards, Andrea

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi There
      Thanks for your inquiry. Not everything is made by First Nations suppliers but many items are. The higher fringed moccasins might work for you. It depends on how wide your feet are. The moosehide (137597) will stretch a lot so they might be the best.

  • Nancy says:

    My husband has Parkinson’s and no longer picks his one foot up easily, so it slides on the floor, making a squeaking sound. Therefore, he needs a leather sole rather than rubber or plastic. Is this the type of sole on your moccasins? He had a pair from “Soft-moc”, but they fell apart within a month of wearing. Please give me more info regarding the soles of the slippers.

  • Victor Laszlo says:

    I’m looking for a custom pair of moccasins for a friend Would you be able to source (find) a craftsperson who can make a pair of Womens size 9.5 with custom beadwork?

  • David Fleet says:

    Doris, I bought a pair of wonderful moccasins from you years ago. The leather is still in good shape but the robber sole is splitting by the toes. Does Wolf Den do any repairs?

    David from Mount Shasta

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi There

      I’m glad the moccasins have held up. We don’t do repairs but it sounds like something a shoe repair shop can handle (if you have one in your area). If the leather is in good shape, the sole can likely be removed and replaced. If you can’t have that done, you know where to get a new pair 🙂

      • David Fleet says:

        Thanks for the reply Doris. I will check that out. Yes I did see you still have the same style that I purchased, just $30 more currently …. lol


  • Hayden Sealander says:

    How long does shipping take for Men’s Moccasins – 13107M Moosehide/Sole to ship

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi There
      I have those in stock and generally ship the same day an order is received (business days). Depending on where you are, it takes 1-5 days for delivery (if in North America) – a bit longer if elsewhere.

  • Doris Muckenheim, are you of Native heritage?

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi Rebecca

      I am not of Native heritage but deal directly with many artists and crafts people who are.

  • Rouvroy Francoise says:

    I’m interested to by some jewellery to sale in France, I’m French women
    so it’s possible to contact directly some people I love what they made for exemple Loren Koboke,Mary Pheasant , Dene fort Liard Nothwest TY?
    Tank you for answer

  • Stu Keown says:

    Hello, just a quick thanks from Cochrane in the Alberta Rockies, the 180M moccasins I ordered arrived and are perfect, the Moose hide is forming to my feet and the Buffalo hide soles mean I can also go outside. A quality product delivered quickly and efficiently….thanks again!

  • Dina says:

    Hi love your items. How can I tell which ones are made by Indigenous people before I purchase? I prefer to support Indigenous artists and craftspeople.

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi Dina,

      If you have certain items in mind, give us a call or send a quick email and we are happy to give you information about the craftspeople/artisans.

  • Dennis Kaleta says:

    I would like to buy a pair of moose hide moccasins but cannot tell which models are made by Native people and which are made by companies.