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Do You Make All This Stuff?

We get this question just about every day at the Wolf Den. It’s funny because we have about 3,000 different items on hand (you’d never believe it if you saw how small our space is). Obviously, we’d have to be a pretty talented crew to produce moccasins, carvings, jewellery, pottery, baskets, purses and more, ourselves. Only three of us work here!

I’ve always said my talent is recognizing talent in others. I can’t actually make anything myself, but I love finding and connecting with people who do have talent. We actually deal with hundreds of suppliers. Some are companies but many are individual craftspeople and artists.

Everybody who shops at big box and chain stores is used to seeing rows and rows of identical, manufactured items. Most of our items are handmade and I think that’s what is intriguing. Pop in to the Wolf Den, or browse the website. You’ll see what’s so special about items crafted by hand, and will appreciate the talented people who make them – even if it isn’t us!