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What’s So Great About Moccasins, Anyway?

What’s so great about moccasins, anyway?  Well, actually…everything! Did you know that a 5,500 year old moccasin type ‘shoe’ was found in Armenia?

Good ideas never go out of style! While moccasins today may look a bit more impressive, the basic concept is the same; soft leather is cut and sewn into a shape that cradles the foot. If you’ve tried on a pair, you know just how comfortable they are.

Moccasins made of real leather; moose or deerskin, sheepskin, buffalo or caribou hide (to name a few options) fit like a glove. With just a little bit of wear, they will shape to your foot and you’ll think they were custom made just for you! Real leather also breathes. You can wear moccasins barefoot or with socks, and you’ll find them just right no matter what the temperature. You don’t get that kind of comfort from fake leather.

They are perfect around the house, or even outdoors if made with a rubber sole. You won’t find a more comfortable, or timeless, shoe.



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  • Carli says:

    I just wanted to know how to care for my moccasins. Should I oil them after awhile, I bought them from you about a year ago and have been wearing them ever since.. Yes comfortable and my feet can breath plus I feel like my body is connected to the earth.

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi Carli,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying your moccasins. You can oil them if you wish but it isn’t necessary. There is natural oil in all leather, and it helps to keep the leather soft. If you are wearing them outdoors, oil (or a synthetic leather spray) will help to keep them waterproof. Hope this helps.

  • Kathleen Schwier says:

    Hi Doris! I am looking for a truly authentic pair of Canadian Indian made moccasins. I love moccasins. I have been wearing them for years. They are basically all I wear. My husband when I first met him called me moccasinlady and that is my email address. I am wondering if your moccasins that you sell are made from Canadian leather? I am thinking about ordering item# 170606L. I wear a size 11 narrow and after reading the size info on these moccasins it is suggested I order a size down. Please let me know about the leather. I really look forward to hearing from you. By the way me and my 5 brothers and sisters and Mom and Dad tent camped at Killbear Provincial Park outside of Parry Sound for 25 years. Absolutely beautiful country. Talk to you soon. Kathleen

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      All of our moccasins are Canadian made, of genuine leather. The style 170606 is made of cow suede. A similar style, 270609, is made of moose hide, if you are looking for something on the wild side! You should come back for a visit. Killbear Park is as beautiful as ever and we’d love to see you in the store again!

  • Kathleen Schwier says:

    I have been to the Wolf Den many times throughout the 1970s

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      It’s always great to hear from people who’ve had a connection to us for so long. It’s hard to believe we’re 50 this year.

  • Kathleen Schwier says:

    Hi again Doris, now I am definitely interested in item# 134L the buffalo hide moccasins. Will a size 10 fit my size 11 narrow foot? If not, can I get them made to fit? Looking forward to hearing from you again. Thank you, Kathleen

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi Again,
      I think the 10 would work. They run a bit large and the soft leather will definitely stretch. We can exchange them if necessary. I think I can get an 11.

  • Kathleen Schwier says:

    Hi Doris, I’m getting ready to order the bison hide moccasins soon in size 10. You said that a size 10 would probably fit my size 11 foot. What I am wondering about now is if I order a size 10 and they don’t fit, do I have to pay the return shipping fee in order to exchange for a size 11? And do I have to pay the shipping charge on the new size 11 shipping?

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi Kathleen,

      I still think the 10 will work, but if not, you’ll have to pay to send them back, and I’ll pay to send out the exchange. Postage to the US is $19.95 (CAD) per order. Hope this helps!

  • David Chartres says:

    I just ordered a pair of your moccasins size 8 for my honey. She has planters fashiwhatever and wears an insert in her shoes. I think she actually is a 7 1/2 and I ordered an 8 to adjust for the insert. Will my order be okay?

  • Jo Mainprize says:

    Hi Doris, we’ll be in the area at the end of Sept and I’m looking forward to visiting your store. Just wondering if the mocs with the rubber soles, outdoor style, are suitable for a bit wider foot. Some of the soles I’ve seen on others seem to be cut rather narrow…thanks Jo

    • Doris Muckenheim says:

      Hi Jo,

      We have several styles and there is likely something that will work. It’s best to try them on, so you should drop in if you are in the area.

      See you in September!