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What’s So Great About Moccasins, Anyway?

What’s so great about moccasins, anyway?  Well, actually…everything! Did you know that a 5,500 year old moccasin type ‘shoe’ was found in Armenia?

Good ideas never go out of style! While moccasins today may look a bit more impressive, the basic concept is the same; soft leather is cut and sewn into a shape that cradles the foot. If you’ve tried on a pair, you know just how comfortable they are.

Moccasins made of real leather; moose or deerskin, sheepskin, buffalo or caribou hide (to name a few options) fit like a glove. With just a little bit of wear, they will shape to your foot and you’ll think they were custom made just for you! Real leather also breathes. You can wear moccasins barefoot or with socks, and you’ll find them just right no matter what the temperature. You don’t get that kind of comfort from fake leather.

They are perfect around the house, or even outdoors if made with a rubber sole. You won’t find a more comfortable, or timeless, shoe.